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Internship offer


Missions :

Help with organizing, running and coordinating an event, writing bimedia content (web/paper), running social networks, press relations, creating communication tools, etc.

First communications experience required + good writing skills. Telecommuting possible, B driver's license and vehicle (travel within Guadeloupe required). Long-term paid internship. Start date: as soon as possible - July 2024 Contact (CV + LM) :

Gère ton alimentation" competition: 18 teams selected!


Since 2022, L'agence Papillon has been organizing a pocket film competition, " Manage your diet!" . This competition, supported by the ARS, the Drac Guadeloupe and the Rectorat de la Guadeloupe, is open to high school students in Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands. For this 2024 edition, 18 teams were selected by a "Grand Jury" and a "Young Jury".

The juries evaluated each team's note of intent (a 1-minute video) and film form.

Congratulations to the Sugar Free team from Lycée Yves Leborgne, who won the Selection Prize!

University of the West Indies student newspaper: 3rd edition!


2 Mb 4 Pawòl, the student newspaper of the University of the West Indies, is now online, as well as in print! The third edition was initiated by the UFR des Sciences juridiques et économiques and coordinated by L'agence Papillon.

Contents include campus events, an interview with the vice-president of the Pôle Guadeloupe, a dossier on university integration, a focus on the Crous, etc. Copies will be available from the UFR des Sciences juridiques et économiques next week!

Read it here: Journal UA - 2 mo 4 pawol - n°3 - plates


Gère ton alimentation 2023-2024 - Online registration!

Manage your diet! " is an inter-school pocket film competition organized by L'agence Papillon since 2021. Team entries for the 2024 edition are open until January 15, 2024.


From the second to the last year of secondary school, students, supervised by at least one adult from the school (teacher, CPE, social and health staff, etc.), must form a team of 2 to 6 people maximum, and collectively produce a free-form video lasting 3 minutes maximum, (clip, report, fiction, etc.) on the theme of food.


Since February 2022, the Yepi Makandra therapeutic community in Awala-Yalimapo has been welcoming women with addictions.

Publi-reportage "A woman with addictions is still a mother".


Advertorial on the Yepi Makandra Therapeutic Community, in the September 2023 issue of Anform magazine.

Since February 2022, in Awala-Yalimapo (French Guiana), this community has been welcoming women with addictions, with or without children. With Peggy Zaragoza, operational director of the Akatij association.




Focus on respiratory allergies


Rhinitis, asthma... Respiratory allergy is ranked the world's 4th most common chronic disease by the WHO. What causes allergies? What are the symptoms? How do you treat it?

Read the article online, in the September/October 2023 issue of Anform magazine!

Gère ton alimentation: podium of the 2023 edition


As part of the second edition of the " Manage your diet! "The Grand Jury Prize was awarded to the Nutri'Students team from Lycée Nord-Grande-Terre, for their film A reflection of my diet, at an awards ceremony organized by L'agence Papillon.


Manage your diet: vote online!


The agency produced a video for online voting in the "Manage your diet!". Internet users will vote for the coveted "Prix du Public".


Manage your diet: finale!


A new page turns! On Tuesday June 06, the 9 finalist teams in the "Manage your diet!" submitted their films to the juries. Tick-tock.

Silence, it's spinning!


For this second edition of "Gère ton alimentation!", the selected teams benefit from the technical support of Sarah Démonio, director and sponsor of the competition.


2 Mo 4 Pawòl: 2nd issue!


The agency helped students from the University of the West Indies to create their newspaper. A second issue has just been produced and... published!


Manage your diet! Nutrition workshops


Pauline Mainguy, dietician/nutritionist with the Agosse association, is in charge of running "nutrition workshops", from February to May, both face-to-face and by videoconference (Saint-Martin high schools), focusing on nutrition and eating habits. The aim? Understand the eating habits of teenagers and raise awareness of best practices.


Manage your diet! - Animation


To host the Manage your diet!" the agency has set up "sensory cuisine" workshops, with the Djam association, and entertainment "e-sports" with the association Gigagames Guadeloupe. Gigagames raises awareness of screen addiction in a playful way.

A film awarded the national PNNS label!


For the first time, an animated film from Guadeloupe, made by two high-school girls, " Too much (fat, salt, sugar) "received the national label Programme national nutrition santé (PNNS).  ...

Manage your diet! Who are the members of the Young Jury?


The "Young Jury" awards the "Ciném'Avenir" prize. It is made up of 4 BTS Audiovisual students from the Lycée polyvalent de Pointe-Noire:


Manage your diet! Who are the members of the Grand Jury?


The "Grand Jury" of the "Gère ton alimentation! "contest is made up of experts and professionals in various fields. Who are they?


Newspaper cover 2 Mb 4 Pawol

The Papillon agency accompanies the University of the West Indies


They dreamed of it, it's done: the students of the University of the West Indies have their newspaper!

2 Mo 4 Pawòl was initiated by Alain Maurin, Dean of the Faculty of Legal and Economic Sciences and Professor of Economics.

The Papillon agency accompanied the 3rd year undergraduate students to produce their first issue.

Long live 2 Mo 4 Pawòl ! Read here: 2M4P Journal - PDF

Sarah Démonio, godmother of "Gère ton alimentation!


Sarah Démonio, director from Guadeloupe, has agreed to be the patron of the 2nd edition of " Manage your diet! Portrait.


Manage your diet: second!


"Manage your diet!" is a mobile film competition initiated and organized by L'agence Papillon, open to high school students in Guadeloupe and the northern islands. Registration for the second edition is open until January 20, 2023, online at


Editor: "Work is Health!"


For the n°104 of the magazine Anform!The agency has prepared a 15-point occupational health package: "Work is health!"

Enjoy your reading!

Poster award ceremony

"Cassava, Locally Good," Grand Prize in "Manage Your Food!" 2022


The award ceremony of the contest "Manage your food" took place Saturday, July 2, at the Media Library of Lamentin. The event was organized and animated by Agence Papillon. The Team Pointe-Noire team won the Grand Prize of the Jury, with the film "Le manioc, localement bon": congratulations!


Photo Film You're not your body

Manage your diet: the movies


The shootings are over, the films, edited! Here is the list of films in competition. Good luck to the Jury!



Manage your diet: filming movies!


The agency offered technical support for each team. Dimitry Cheleux, the videographer, led the production and editing workshops. 

Manage your food! : 8 selected teams


This first selection was based on the synopsis (choice, treatment and relevance of the subject, construction and writing), the respect of the constraints (calendar, questionnaire response, etc.) and the note of intent (objectives of the film, etc.). The jury was composed of professionals from the food, nutrition, audiovisual and other fields. Congratulations to the 8 selected teams!


nutrition workshop

Manage your diet: nutrition workshops


The teams, registered for the " Manage your diet! "organized by the agency, benefited from a nutrition workshop, with Pauline Mainguy, dietician nutritionist of theassociation Agosse. ...

Drafting of the " Primitive Budget " of the Guadeloupe Region


The Papillon agency organized and wrote the content of the "Primitive Budget", for the regional council of Guadeloupe.

Manage your diet: the jury


For the purposes of the pocket film competition, "Manage your food!", the Papillon agency brought together experts to form a jury. 

Manage your diet: follow up on the creation of video tutorials


The agency initiated and followed the creation of video tutorials, the "TutoPockets", made by the students of the 1st year of the BTS of Audiovisual Professions of the LPO of Pointe-Noire. 


Nutrition questionnaire home page

Manage your diet: creation of a nutrition questionnaire


The agency created, developed and distributed a questionnaire on eating behaviors for all high school students registered for the "Manage your diet!" mobile film contest. 


Manage Your Diet Contest

Manage your food! : 13 teams registered


13 teams have registered for the "Manage your food" pocket film competition, organized by the Papillon agency. Next step? The selection!


"Manage your food!" : launch of the registration to the contest


"Manage your food!" is a competition of pocket films (films on mobile), open to high school students in Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands, organized by The Papillon Agency. Registrations are open from March 14 to April 8, 2022.


Manage your food: creating communication tools


In order to promote the pocket film competition, "Manage your food", among high school students, schools and the general public, the Papillon agency has created several dedicated communication tools:


The "Manage your diet" campaign is launched!


"Manage your food" is a competition of pocket films (films on mobile) organized by Agence Papillon. It is open to high school students in Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands. Today marks the official launch of the contest!


General public (health): "Plants and diabetes, the right dose".


Some plants known as hypoglycemic can help in case of diabetes. But to ignore
their action or their dosage exposes to many risks. An article written for Anform! magazine.

Internship offer

Logo for the Manage your diet contest!

Papillon agency, winner of the Act'alim! call for projects


In 2020, a call for projects was launched in the field of healthy and sustainable food for all in Guadeloupe : Act'Alim 2020. The Papillon agency is the winner for its project of pocket films competition for high school students: "Manage your food". 

The Act'alim call for projects was launched by a consortium including the Departmental Council, the University of the West Indies, ARS, DAAF and DEAL. It was intended to support non-profit projects, part of a resilient food system approach in Guadeloupe.

The project of a pocket film contest (films on cell phones), The "Manage your food" project, open to high school students in the Guadeloupe archipelago and the Northern Islands, has been very successful! ...

Happy New Year 2022!


General public : Natural beauty, 12 tips


Eye yoga, aloe vera gel against skin aging or revitalizing Indian wood, discover 12 natural beauty rituals. A file written for Anform magazine!.

The Real Estate & Construction Guide 2021 is published!


The agency has contributed to it, by providing multiple articles: which material to build a house in Guadeloupe? What are the points to check when buying a land ? What is the rent-to-own scheme? And many others!

Go online to consult it!

It is also available in several distribution outlets (Librairie générale, etc.).


The-new-magazine-of-the-operation-Entreprendre-En-Lycee-2021-Ze Journal-is-published-and-is-available-on-line

The new Ze Journal is online!


The magazine of the operation Getting Started In High School, Ze Journalis published and online !

The Papillon agency has accompanied the Gip-Daifi and the Rectorate of Guadeloupe again this year, on the writing and editorial animation of the website and social networks ofGetting Started In High Schoolbut also on the design and writing of the magazine.

- all the mini-companies in the 2020/2021 edition of Entreprendre En Lycée,
- a focus on partners, including Sébastien Celestine, the sponsor of this edition,
- the file: "Dare to take risks
- portraits of daring people : Xavier Chasseur-Danielballet dancer, Steekgraffiti artist and visual artist, Guillaume Lorindirector, Rodolphe Sepho, navigator, etc.

Congratulations to the young Guadeloupean mini-entrepreneurs! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Do you know what "soft skills" are?


You will know everything by reading this article prepared for the last magazine Anform! Enjoy your reading 😉 here !

Anform! magazine file

Vacations: how to escape without going on a trip?


The agency has concocted 20 ideas for you to leave... without leaving: observe the stars, go down canyons, build a cabin, take up basketry, go horseback riding, dive into the deep blue sea, participate in a video streaming workshop, etc.

A file realized for the magazine Anform! of July and August. Have a nice vacation!

30 anti-stress tips


In these times when we are constantly being challenged by events, how can we not stress?

30 tips to make your life easier!

A file produced by the agency in the Anform magazine n°96.

Also on the menu, " The advantages of big thyme" .

Enjoy your reading!

Entreprendre En Lycée: virtual exhibition and designation of winners


We have accompanied them since the beginning of the adventure: 15 mini-companies simulated the creation and development of a business for a year. This one was special... but the Guadeloupean high school studentss were able to show their imagination!

This Saturday 22 Mayfrom 8 a.m. onwards, will take place their virtual exhibition where they can present their products and services online. The challenge winners will be designated but the mini-companies will be able to continue their activity until the end of the school year.

The agency is in charge of the editorial animation of the Internet site and social networksx of Entreprendre En Lycée. It also designs the magazine dedicated, Ze Journal. The publication is planned in a few weeks: to be continued!


eat local and lose weight anform

Eat local and lose weight?


A dossier produced for the Anform! magazinewith the contribution of Marie-Antoinette Séjean, nutritionist.

In this issue you will also find " How to make banana ketchup?

Entreprendre En Lycée: high school students have lots of ideas!


We accompany, again for a new edition, the challenge Getting Started In High School. Every year, we are amazed by the creativity of the students. Here, the mini-company, Hoa Beingwhich manufactures its perfumes 100 % local!

To showcase their products, the team organized a shooting with " their muses See "The Role of the State" on the right.

Entrepreneurship in High School, here we go again!


Getting Started In High SchoolThis is education in entrepreneurship through the creation of mini-companies during one year, but also a great human adventure! We accompany the Gip-Daifi and the rectorat de la Guadeloupe once again for the 16th edition. On the menu, animation of their website and their social networks, and preparation of the dedicated magazine, Ze Journal. To be continued!

May this year be the year of hope and possibility!

anform magazine cover keys to family life

7 keys to happy family life


A dossier produced for the magazine Anform! on the family: "7 keys to happy family life".

You will also find, in this special Christmas issue, the hidden virtues of needle grass and how to taste the sundried apple.

guide energy management for the general public outdoor house

Controlling our energy demand in Guadeloupe


With these communication supports written by the Papillon Agency for the Guadeloupe Region, Ademe Guadeloupe, EDF Archipel Guadeloupe and the Direction de l'environnement, de l'aménagement et du logement (Deal).

anform magazine portrait leila bredent

Editorial: Leïla Bredent, taming loneliness & effects of confinement on children


Have you read the magazine Anform! back-to-school ? On the menu: a portrait of Léïla Bredent, from football to women's football, how to tame our solitude and a first study on the effects of confinement on children in Guadeloupe. Articles written by Céline Guillaumea writer and founder of L'Agence Papillon.

book Pancho the Caribbean tribe

Team news


Pancho, press cartoonist, regularly collaborates with the Papillon agency. He has just published Caribbean Tribe, get up and chew!the story of an island that doesn't exist. Well... not really. Get it urgently!

anform magazine lower body slimming

Writing for Anform magazine!


Hot off the press, the number ofAnform! a vacation! How can you refine your bottom or benefit from beautiful curls? To find out, get the latest issue (in pharmacies for example), or read it online. Writing : Céline Guillaume.

geiq archipelago guadeloupe labelled



One of our clients, the Geiq Archipelago Guadeloupehas obtained its label for the tenth consecutive year: bravo!

The GEIQ label renewed for the 10th year at the Geiq of Guadeloupe

presentation campaign communication campaign demand control electricity guadeloupe

Presentation of the MDE Guadeloupe campaign


On March 5, the "MDE" committee, with its partners and service providers, presented the communication campaign on Electricity Demand Management in Guadeloupe (MDE). The Papillon agency was in charge of the editorial line of the campaign, the creation of a message platform, and the writing of leaflets and guides.

anform magazine cannabis beauty care

Editing: Beauty care with... cannabis!


Yes, beauty care with... cannabis exists! Are there any accessories that could help you get slim? How to hide your white hair? Faced with health scandals and concerns about our health, should we stop eating meat? Answers in the n°89 ofAnform! Articles from Céline Guillaume.

anform magazine anti-waste folder

Stop wasting!


An anti-gaspy dossier written by Céline Guillaume, full of daily tips, on the menu of the n°88 of the magazine Anform!

home page high school entrepreneurship website

Entrepreneurship In High School: the challenge starts again!


Since 2016, L'agence Papillon has been in charge of the editorial management of the Papillon website.Getting Started In High School. On Monday, January 24th, we unveiled the names of the 18 mini-companies selected for this new 2019/2020 edition. Entreprendre En Lycée is a process of entrepreneurial learning by experimenting with the creation of a "mini-enterprise" during the school year. The key to the mini-company that wins first prize is an entrepreneurial journey. The last mini-enterprise, Gwada Tech, had gone to Canada! An event organized by the Rectorate of Guadeloupethe Gip-Daifi and many partners.

redesign of the ademe Guadeloupe website home page

Get in line!


We carried out the complete editorial redesign of the Ademe Guadeloupe website (layout of elements, writing and iconography): a great eco-collaboration!

Go to

Ze journal 2019 magazine

Design and writing of Ze Journal


Since 2017, we have been in charge of designing and writing the magazine Ze Journal de l'opération Entreprendre En Lycée. The 2018/2019 edition has been printed. It is also available online here.

Can you be a locavore?


The Answer in this latest issue of Anform magazine!written by Céline Guillaumefounder of L'Agence Papillon