Manage your diet! Nutrition workshops

Pauline Mainguy, dietician/nutritionist with the Agosse association, is in charge of running "nutrition workshops", from February to May, both face-to-face and by videoconference (Saint-Martin high schools), focusing on nutrition and eating habits. The aim? Understand the eating habits of teenagers and raise awareness of best practices.

Through free discussion and games, the following topics were addressed: meals, eating patterns, nutritional composition of foods, local fruits and vegetables, risks of poor nutrition, etc.

Each workshop was followed by a question-and-answer session, based on the film theme addressed by each team.

Workshop summary :
Most of the high school students taking part have little knowledge of nutrition. As a result, bad eating habits are multiplying: no breakfast, meals that are too fatty, too sweet, too salty, at any time of day, over-consumption of snacks, eating in front of screens, and so on. However, teenagers are curious and ask questions about solutions for a better balanced diet.