Our expertise

Our core business: information

In order to investigate, collect, analyze, select, structure and communicate information in the best possible way, L'agence Papillon has a strong press culture. Purpose? To inform, while being attractive and readable Writing to be read, successfully combining images and words.

The team declines all sorts : reports, interviews, portraits, company portraits, files, surveys, web news, writing content optimised for web referencing, reviews/press kits, newsletters, community management, brochures, company or community newspapers, etc.


Let's look for the right information

Let's find specialized and reliable contacts

Let's gather information, focusing on the questions

Cross-check sources (interview, published survey/study, documentation, etc.)

Let's transcribe the information

Let's capture the reader's attention with proper writing.



Content is a powerful lever, whether it is useful, entertaining, surprising or emotionally compelling. The agency selects the best writing in order to convey information, give rhythm to the text and arouse the reader's interest: impactful catchphrases, argumentation, varied treatment of the articles, reading path, tone, etc. For an Internet site, the writing of the contents will respect the indications given, the referencing of information, the indexing of key words, the number of signs desired, etc.

Written communication

Whether for your customers, your employees or your partners, the agency offers you to offer a good contentto capture attention, to boost the impact of your messages and sometimes even to convince ! The agency breathes life into your media (reports, brochures, fact sheets, communication campaigns, magazines, annual reviews, guides, trend books, blogs, white papers, etc.). rigor, professionalism, but also easy to read.
Reassuring for your audience(s), this content positions you as an expert in your field. An expertise that creates value for you.

Editorial Board

The Papillon agency assists in the implementation of content and ergonomics strategies for print and web publishing. Any thoughts? A search for inspiration, content, formatting? The agency helps to deploy a relevant and useful editorial offer. It accompanies in the reflections of definition of positioning: what will this support be used for? Who will it be intended for? What will be its key content? What form will it take? What will be its periodicity? It helps you to produce content around a strategy and an editorial line. The agency then assesses the impact of the publications and develops strategies for improvement.

Editorial design

The Papillon agency responds to editorial expectations by working on both substance and form. The team designs tailored editorial formulas to the objectives, needs and means of each client. Thanks to the elaboration of the editorial line and charter, the agency positions itself as a safeguard of editorial choices throughout the project, in order to guarantee the consistency of editorial content (rubbing, choice of articles, processing and selection of images, angles of attack, etc.).

Graphic design

The images " speak" also, insofar as they give meaning to a reality. According to the visual identity, objectives, supports and targets, the Papillon agency elaborates a graphic charter and its rules of use. Any graphic design must comply with this charter, while staging living contentfor a pleasant reading.

Iconographic research

It is not always easy to find appropriate visuals to communicate and accompany content. Because this research requires a lot of time and patience, we We will search for the most relevant images for you according to your deadlines and budget.

Follow-up of realization and manufacturing

Animation of editorial committees, railroad development, editorial follow-up, corrections: whether in paper or digital edition, L'agence Papillon ensures the successful completion of your project, from A to Z. We accompany you from the design to the production of your communication supports. We guide you in the choice of materials and printing techniques for your editions, also ensure quality control and can supervise deliveries.
A website project? We take care of the writing of the texts but also of the integration of the texts and images (preparation and optimization of images, PDF, videos) in the dedicated administration interface. We make sure that the online content is coherent and consistent, and make the necessary adjustments.


The quality of an audio transcription requires the use of an editorial agency. You preserve all the content, while having a document of written quality, ready to be distributed to your contacts. Entrust us with the transcription of your events (meetings, seminars, congresses, etc.) in the form of professional, immediately usable, clear and well-written reports.


A good translation requires not only language skills, but also a thorough knowledge of the subject matter. This is why we select expert profiles for each sector of activity. We offer you our network of professional translators worldwide, for all media, both paper and digital. They take care of the translation of all your content, to highlight your offers and develop your visibility. They are committed to writing your information in a clear, educational, colourful, coherent and consistent manner.