Gère ton alimentation 2023-2024 - Online registration!

Manage your diet! " is an inter-school pocket film competition organized by L'agence Papillon since 2021. Team entries for the 2024 edition are open until January 15, 2024.


From the second to the last year of secondary school, students, supervised by at least one adult from the school (teacher, CPE, social and health staff, etc.), must form a team of 2 to 6 people maximum, and collectively produce a free-form video lasting 3 minutes maximum, (clip, report, fiction, etc.) on the theme of food.

The " Manage your diet! "is an opportunity for students to :
  • Denounce the problems surrounding teenagers' eating habits, by teenagers themselves,
  • Discover the audiovisual sector in a free and fun way,
  • To use smartphones and tablets for useful purposes, by making the use of these digital media positive.
  • A competition to understand the challenges of food education
This challenge is part of the education program on food and taste and, more broadly, on health and citizenship. It aims to :
  • Discover the agricultural and agro-processing sector in Guadeloupe,
  • Raise awareness of food issues in general, for all ages: environmental, health and social impacts, food waste, etc.
  • Identify your own eating habits, and improve them if necessary,
  • Be aware of your place and evolution in your local environment (heritage, promotion of local products, etc.),
  • Discuss eating habits,
  • Propose solutions, innovate!
>>> REGISTRATION until monday, january 15, 2024.
This project is co-financed by the Agence Régionale Santé as part of the Act'Alim call for projects, with the support of La Préfecture de la Guadeloupe/Direction des affaires culturelles and the Guadeloupe academic region.