Gère ton alimentation: podium of the 2023 edition

As part of the second edition of the " Manage your diet! "The Grand Jury Prize was awarded to the Nutri'Students team from Lycée Nord-Grande-Terre, for their film A reflection of my diet, at an awards ceremony organized by L'agence Papillon.

Congratulations to the 4 winners:

Grand Jury Prize : the Nutri'Students team from the Lycée-Nord-Grande-Terre, for their film " A reflection of my diet »

🏆- Young Jury Prize Ciném'Avenir": the Malt Sports team from the Lycée Sonny Rupaire (Sainte-Rose), for their film " From zero to hero »

🏆- Jury's Favourite Award Les Puntineri's team from the LPO in Pointe-Noire, for their film "The Puntineri's". Jaden kréòl »

🏆- Audience Award : the OD Girls team from Lycée Robert Weinum (Saint-Martin), for their film " Heartache »

Entry fee :

  • "Fast and... - Pearl of the Caribbean team (Lycée professionnel Daniella Jeffry - Saint-Martin)

  • "Sacré déjeuner" - Nutridéj' team (Lycée professionnel Augustin Arron)

  • "Opposées" - Team L'Hemma (Lycée Sonny Rupaire de Sainte-Rose)

  • "Les carnets d'Axel" - Nutri-Côte-Sous-Le-Vent team (Pointe-Noire LPO)

  • "Dance no matter what" - Dream Team (Lycée professionnel Daniella Jeffry - Saint-Martin)

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The awards ceremony took place on Saturday, July 1, at the Médiathèque du Lamentin.

See you soon!