Regional Council of Guadeloupe (MDE campaign)

The Regional Council of Guadeloupe and its partners (MDE Committee) wanted to implement a communication campaign on energy demand management (MDE).

Answers from the agency
1 - Definition of an editorial line and drafting of a message charter :

  • define the style, tone and vocabulary dedicated to the MDE project, for all media,
  • to gather all the messages of the campaign on an editorial platform (toolbox),
  • create a recommendation document for the design of all communication media: print, oral, web and video.

2 - Drafting of contents of the communication materials (leaflets and guides)

What is the MDE Committee ?
The programme in favour of the Control of Energy Demand (MDE) is financed by the State. It is managed by the Guadeloupe "MDE Committee". This MDE committee is composed of :
- The Guadeloupe Region
- Ademe Guadeloupe
- EDF Archipelago Guadeloupe 
- The Directorate for the Environment, Planning and Housing (Deal Guadeloupe)