"Manage your diet!"

"Manage your diet!" is a competition of pocket films (films on cell phones) around the issues of food, open to high school students in Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands.

The competition was prompted by a call for projects in 2020, "Act'Alim launched by the Deal Guadeloupe, the Daaf, the departmental council of Guadeloupe, the ARS and the University of the West Indies. This call for projects supported initiatives "promoting a resilient and sustainable food system for healthy and local food." The Agence Papillon was selected for its "Manage your food!" project.

The funding partner of this project, within Act'Alim, was the Agence Régionale de la Santé Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barthélemy. The competition was part of its prevention and health promotion policy.

The competition started on March 10, 2022 and ended on July 02, 2022, with the designation of the winners and the award ceremony.

  • The Regional Directorate des affaires culturelles de la Guadeloupe has also trusted the project, by granting it a subsidy.

  • The Rectorate of Guadeloupee allowed the contest to run smoothly in the high schools, by giving Papillon the possibility to communicate with the schools, to raise awareness among the teaching staff, to intervene and to animate according to the needs of the contest.

Guillaume Lorin, Guadeloupean director of several award-winning animated films, Vanilla, is the sponsor of Manage Your Food!

Other partners have integrated the project, either in the form of intervention, technical skills, or by joining the Jury, or by offering prizes to the winners.

For this first edition :

- 16 teams registered, representing 8 schools,

- 8 teams were selected,

Shooting of the Aaline team

- 7 were finalists,

- 5 teams received an award,

All finalists were awarded the Selection Prize.

Team Pointe-Noire, Grand Jury Prize 2022 : Cassava, locally good

The agency created, elaborated and distributed a questionnaire, around food behaviors, for all high school students wishing to register for the contest.

The agency is preparing the second edition of the contest!

More info ? https://www.geretonalimentation.com